Meeting Minutes Mon 9th April 2018


Rona Brown { Chair GDCC} {RB}

Jim Hogg {Treasure GDCC }{JH}

Graeme Russell {GDCC}{GR}

Jim Park {GDCC}{JP}

Arron Peters {GDCC}{AP}

Angela Astor {GDCC}{AA}

Sharon Walker{GDCC}{SW}

Eilidh Troup {GDCC}{ET}

Laura Baird {GDCC FOWCP}{LB}

Marie Stein {TCVO Caledonian Village}{MSt}

Joan Gordon {Local Resident}{JG}

Michael Mc Mullin {GDS Church}{MM}

PC J. Baillie { Police Scotland}

Cllr Denis Dixon {CEC}{DD}

Cllr A Grocyke{CEC}{AG}


SCOTMID   Sandy Watt

MANSON ROSS Architects

Lindsay Manson

Lisa Ferguson

Ross Manson  {}

Alastair Cook – Structured House Group



The chair welcomed everyone asked that they introduce themselves as there were representatives from organisations who were going to do a presentations on proposals they had for developments in the area.

The reps were from Scotmid, Manson & Ross architects a planning development company, also Structured House Group. All involved with the proposed Store Refresh and Student Accommodation they hope to carry out at 136 Gorgie Road.

Also attending was Laura Reid from Enterprise Car Club, which has taken over from the City Car Club, to promote and explain how they work.

Chair advised that the presentations would be done first then the CC meeting would go ahead as usual.



Cllr Donald Wilson CEC (DW)

Adrian Herbert  (GDS Church}{AH}

Nancy McDonald (Garvald] {NM

Martin Salkeld  {GDCC} {MS}

Cllr C Fullerton  {CEC} {CF}

Joanna Cherry {MP}{JC}




Alistair Ross handed out a booklet with detail which showed sketches, floorplans, explanations and layout of the proposal and also gave a rough outline of and history of the company Structured House Group which is a fairly new company but is growing continually. They build own and operate the premises with an experienced management team. Previously have had 16 developments in UK working with 30 staff. They are long-term investors and operators.

The Scotmid store would be closed for 9 mths during the work period. Scotmid has always been community orientated with donations, grants to charities and community groups of up to £500 in store or online. The new initiative Community Connect makes £15,000 available to good causes in the area. There would be no local Post Office facilities in the area while the store is closed. It is up to the Post Office to deal with this problem as they use Scotmid as a base but are independent of Scotmid. This still has to be resolved it was pointed out that there are few banks in the area and many of the locals depend on this service and will find great difficulty. Mr Watt said they were aware of this and had listed the nearest PO’s in the area.

It is proposed that when the store reopens there will be new branding, new frontage, ‘grab and go’ set up, and the Post Office will reopen. It will be a new energy efficient store.

There will be Student Accommodation above: 150bedrooms, study areas, dedicated amenity space, 100% cycle storage, zero car policy, secure managed reception, 5% of the rooms universally accessible .

This build is between 2 tenements so will be the same height. The problem of daylight and sunlight access may require some changes to the proposal. The student population in Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse is 10.9% at present this will rise to 11.4% – well below the level permitted. If at any time the rooms are not in use by students although the tenancy lease will be for 51 weeks per year, it can be be altered to accommodate other lets.

BREEAM will be involved (sustainability assessment) and Police Scotland will be contacted for advice.

Local resident Joan Gordon pointed out that only a few nearby residents had been informed of these plans for the area many were still totally unaware could this be rectified ASAP as the build will impact on some properties. This was agreed.

Chair thanked Alistair for attending and the presentation and stated it is hoped to keep in touch and will also forward any questions that may arise now that the proposals have been shown and locals become more aware of the changes to their local shop


Laura Reid explained that the company had taken over from the City Car Club with a fleet of 130 cars 20 vans and 6 branches in Edinburgh. They use 2% of free parking and clients can park free in the city. The costs are a flat yearly rate of £20 for 2 member from the same address, 15p per mile for short travel, from £4.50/hour or £25/day. Vans are diesel, costs – £30 per day. It is asked that users refill the petrol tank to a certain amount for the next user. There are 6k members. Leaflets are available and the plan is to promote and increase usage.

Laura was thanked for the information she gave and left leaflets with further details .


Increase in housebreakings 10,  detected 1; assaults 18, detected 7. Increase in bike thefts 26, detection is poor due to various difficulties e.g. sold on quickly. One hate crime, vandalism 11. Recent knife assault in a shop resolved. Drug problem seems to have reduced. “Bike Station” for abandoned bikes.

PC Baillie thanked for his report.


Proposed SW and LB

Amend apologies from DD



Donation to St Brides £100 for International Women’s Day 11th March.

Balance £1245.22. Accounts are now with the auditor.



DW and Cllr Cammy Day completed the London marathon. DW will donate a defibrillator to St Brides and the remainder of his fundraising will go to 1stCity Fund.  Well done to both!

David Hunter – signage Viewforth to Haymarket, will do a presentation as funding is still required. E-mail will let him know GDCC supports this.

Council consultation re school crossings ET will respond.

Locality Committee DW writing brief 2 CC.

DD no date when they will convene with Culture Community Committee.

JP commented querying accuracy of a report in local papers stating no input to the locality committee from public only councillors. Informed this was not accurate. There is no attempt to undermine the work or power of the CCs as this is a legal requirement.  Councillors will represent the locals and pass on their opinion, but deputations of the local CC to speak or petition is ok. GR commented that remit is possibly quite broad.

Crime Neighbourhood Partnership will scrutinise local improvement plan with police fire brigade and locals.

4 strands:  Neighbourhood Partnerships will continue til consultation for community input. No local reps from community – only councillors input.  Mike Avery is Locality Manager Cllrs will be required to attend CC s for opinions.  Walkabouts may return.  City ward for CCs maybe reduced as some areas have a large numbers 44 in the city 32 in South West so making it very difficult to gather information for the meetings.



AG has been dealing with the problem of delivery cars for Domino pizza continuing to cause problems double parking and blocking streets spoken to company managers emailed awaiting reply but will continue to follow this up. Photos and dates are all noted, management aware.

AG graffiti, etc – no reply yet constant complaints.   Possibility of repainting speed bumps and bus stops.

DD Wardlaw Terrace problems – property Link PSL on going.



nil new



Developing of Springwell House cottage & toilets Ardmillan Terr/Gorgie Rd proposal to develop by AMA building company 48 flats: 39 being in the listed building; 8-9 town houses to the back of the cottage.  The developer has been invited to next meeting of the CC and are keen to attend if possible.

HMOs nil.

LICENCE:  New business in Barnardos

Robertsons public house – building work going on, new business.



RB St Brides AGM 23RD April 7pm

St Brides table sale 16th April   Community event £5 per table

St Brides watch this space for launch of Friday film night Social Performance community free, once per month, possibly by donations also intended to have open nights with the café being open and exhibitions

Health All Round, SMRC, Dalry Rd  26th April, 10-2pm


MM   GDS Church G in THE PARK steering group meeting set up 3rd May for event on 23rd June 11am-4pm

Garvald 10th May

Westfield Park    Clean Up  12th May, 10-1pm, Keep Scotland Beautiful



AG is involved trying to set up a Gorgie City Farm Market, etc – no dates at present.

More buckets required for the Community park.



14th May 2018  at 7pm GDS Church Gorgie Rd

Christmas Light Switch On

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended and took part in our Christmas Light Switch On Service tonight outside Gorgie City Farm. Special thanks go out to The City of Edinburgh Lions International, Cllr Donald Wilson, Lauren Brown (Tynecastle High School), Hannah Murphy (Dalry Primary School), The Dalry Primary School Choir, The Gorgie City Farm Cafe, The City of Edinburgh Council (Event Safety Team), Police Scotland, all the volunteers from the Gorgie Dalry Community Council and last but not least Santa.

Chistmas Light Switch On

Lauren Brown xmas lightsWe would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone along to our Christmas Lights Switch On outside Gorgie City Farm @ 6pm on Sunday 3rd December 2017. Dalry Primary School Choir will be performing, Carol Singing, Santa, Winner of Poster Competition and Best Dressed Shop Window Announcement and Special Guests. Hope to see you all there.

Martin Salkeld (Secretary)

GDCC Meeting Minutes, Mon 2nd Oct 2017


Chair welcomed everyone and stated that the speaker on the proposed development of student accommodation in Russell Road would be first on the agenda.  Edinburgh Lions International were also present to talk about the Christmas lights switch on would then clarify their plans to work with GDCC.


Aaron Napier, the developer, came to the community council earlier in the year asking for support with his proposal to the planning department to develop a site in Russell Road for student accommodation. Aaron explained that the initial proposal had been refused by the planning department for a few minor reasons which could possibly have been overcome. It was decided by the developers, rather than submit the plans again, to submit a larger proposal for the 17 acre site. It would still have student accommodation but also housing. A new case officer for the council is now involved. Aaron also hopes for the continued support of GDCC; there will also be consultation with the police.  The council request CCTV in the area, this would benefit the immediate area and the cycle path especially, as would an improvement to the lighting in the surrounding area Murieston park. This would all be beneficial to the local area. The intention is to provide bikes and some electric cars for the students use.

The draft designs were shown to CC, with more consultation still to be made with council rep and other local groups.

It was agreed that GDCC supported the proposal but would like to be kept informed of the development plans as they progress and may well be in contact in the future as the project proceeds.   It is hoped to have the project ongoing, if not finished in approx. 18 months.  Aaron was thanked and he stated that he would be willing to return at any point to update GDCC on the progress or any changes he may be required to make.



CITY OF EDINBURGH LIONS INERNATIONAL Norm and Susan have attended to let us know that they have their helpers ready to be there on the night. In previous years this group has been good enough to help with the switch on of the Christmas lights.  They supply the presents that are given to the children and assist with stewarding the event.  Date was confirmed 3rd December we are awaiting confirmation from CEC regarding the licence application. We have been told by council officials that the lights and tree will be provided but we have to access our own sound system and stage for the event. We will try to access this equipment ourselves. The sleigh has been requested awaiting a reply. Once again thanks to this group for all their help we will keep them updated as frequently as possible. They have contact details for GDCC also.



Aaron Napier [Developer of proposed Russell Road development]

Norm Campbell and  Susan Whiteford [City of Edinburgh Lions International]

PC J Baillie  [JB Police Scotland]

Adrian Herbert  [AH  GDS Church]

Michael McMullin  [MM  GDS Church]

Rona Brown [RB  Chair GDCC]

Angela Astor [AA GDCC]

Eilidh Troup  [ET  GDCC]

Laura Baird [LB  GDCC Friends of Westfield Court Park]

Martin Salkeld  [MS  GDCC ]

Jim Park  [JP  GDCC]

Sharon Walker  [SW  GDCC]

Jim Hogg  [JH   Treasurer GDCC ]

Marie Stein  [Caledonian Village Owners]



Sonia Squires St Martins Church,

Cllr Cathy Fullerton CEC.

Cllr Donald Wilson  CEC

Nancy McDonald  Garvald

Graeme Russell  GDCC



Name correction for Michael McMullin and Jim Park

Proposed MS and AH



Craig Dunlop CEC  contacted re Friends of Westfield Court Park

Jonathan Tink  Hearts football Club contacted about the mural proposed for the gable end of the tenement in McLeod St, at the entrance to the Hearts stadium

Angus Graham re McDonalds clean up planned date 8th October

LB will contact bowling club for tables, etc.



Lets paid £90     I.T. fee £55.30

Grant receive £922.94  = Balance  £1720.49

Dale still to request amount required for let he has now use of 2 halls MM informed us the first class is due to start on the 31st October.

DD commented Community fund might aid Christmas lights



POLICE  PC Bailllie updated  info for this month (papers available):  3 house breakings and 7 assaults. Road safety is an ongoing priority.

Bike thefts are still high: 22, people advised to mark details and register; no hate crimes; phone calls are down. Drug seizures are up.



DD reported that Alan Carson has taken over from Helen Harrison as Chief Inspector Commander he is keen to continue as previous Chief Inspector

RB mentioned the continued problem with double parking and blocking access to venues by Domino pizza delivery drivers.

MS said parking in Caledonian Village was an ongoing concern with some people parking dangerously and blocking access

GDCC will email Parking attendants to seek information/assistance at Easter Dalry Place and Rigg.

Area has been busy St Brides –  work ongoing to update.  Cllr Dixon has been chasing up outstanding maintenance issues in St Brides.

Tynecastle High School DD was at a tribute to Wilfred Owen who was a pupil at THS.

South West locality work in progress to encourage closer co-operation with the local community DD will update as able.

LB mentioned bins in Westfield Rd over flowing.  DD asked if intercoms had been repaired as this was mentioned months ago, LB said no work had been done to sort the problem as many flats are owned, so difficulty in getting agreement for repairs. DD said this should not a problem.

M Stein mentioned graffiti on sub station – some of it is offensive.

M Salkeld raised the matter of Westfield Rd, where parking is causing a problem for buses and larger vehicles trying to pass they especially at the traffic islands.

Possibility of painting new lines involving transport and environmental departments.

Public Toilets: Hearts have said they will try and help with this problem, match days are particularly bad.

GDCC will update Tynecastle Gorgie area toilets.

M Salkeld may attend to update for November meeting on new stand, etc.



HMOs  TROs   Licencing  NIL


SWNP N0 contact  Mike Avery

FWCP     LB   Craig Dunlop hopes to plant trees in the autumn, bulbs and grass cut later – area much improved.

There is a group called FRIENDS OF MURIESTON PARK.  Craig Dunlop is involved with them we will invite them to GDCC




Best Dressed Window presentation at the Switch on: leaflets and info will be available asap in November.

Choir from Dalry School will be asked to perform.

M Salkeld will contact schools THS and Dalry to see if pupils could design a poster for these events. The winners would then be asked to do the xmas light switch on.

LB will check out Gorgie end re lights and posters

Approach Aldi,  Sainsburys,  Scotmid,  McDonalds,  Hearts

Public Safety is priority Officer Julianne Neil re new lights.



Litter pick McDonalds 8th October, Aldi car park 10am – 4pm

Entertainer for Xmas light switch on, sound system, program, choir carol singing, community singing.

AH may have a gazebo Contact with Destiny church

Farm for use of café after ceremony and access to power for sound and stage lights.

NM may also have a gazebo.



6th November 7pm,  GDS Church Gorgie Road.