Councillor’s Report from Cllr. Catherine Fullerton, March 2021

Image credit: City of Edinburgh Council

At our December 2020 meeting, Gorgie Dalry Community Council agreed to post written reports submitted by our local ward Councillors for those residents who cannot make it to Community Council meetings. Gorgie Dalry Community Council is an impartial organisation and publishes information provided by any of our local elected representatives regardless of party allegiance, with the exception of explicit canvassing material. The opinions and positions expressed are those of the representative and not of GDCC.


I am sure we are all pleased that Covid restrictions are starting to ease as our infection numbers are coming down.  We all look forward to spending time with our families and friends again in the not too distant future.

I’m pleased to report that our Scottish Government plans to deliver 100,000 affordable homes in the next decade with at least 70% of them being for social rent. In Edinburgh since 2017, the Council working in partnership with housing associations and developers has approved over 5,000 homes for site start and completed over 3,600 homes. By the end of 2022 we expect to have 10,000 affordable homes completed, under construction or approved for site start.

The Spaces for People consultation has been extended to 5 April on whether to keep some measures in place, either on a trial basis or more permanently. To respond to the consultation, please go to

I was pleased to hear that the Scottish Government in their budget announcement are extending free bus travel now for those aged 21 and under which comes into force on 1 April 2021. This will enable our young people to travel cost free when they begin work or start at college or university.


Constituency enquiries dealt from last report: 12 February to 19 March = 84

Cases ranged from waste and cleansing, City Fibre, spaces for people, housing, repairs, anti-social behaviour and planning.

For several years now I have been helping Hutchison Vale FC to achieve a long term lease for Saughton enclosure.  They have a great vision for a multi sports ground for all ages and community venue. Plans are progressing with support from Cllrs Wilson and Dixon.

I have received many questions on the City Fibre works that are ongoing in our streets.  If you have an issue you can contact them on 0800 083 6160 or get in touch with me.

Do you want to make a difference in your area?  Why not go along to your local Community Council meeting and make your voice heard. They are normally held once every 4-6 weeks in the evenings for 2 hrs.   

Numbers of visitors to Saughton Park are increasing and it’s great to see the Bistro always busy. However, some people are not parking responsibly and both the Balgreen Road and Ford’s Road entrances and car parks and are causing real issues which I am looking into.

I, along with Councillors Dixon and Wilson, have been meeting with officers to discuss the future of the Pavilion at the Croquet/Bowling greens.  The pavilion is old and not now fit for purpose so we are looking for solutions along with the Clubs who use the greens.

Diary (extract from last week)

  • 15th 10.00am Council briefing; 11.00am Shared Repairs briefing; 11.30 SNP Group meeting; 2.30pm South West Funding Panel; 4.00pm Meeting with officer re. Corporate governance;
  • 16th 11.00am Meeting with constituent; 2.00pm Cross party working group; 4.00pm Meeting with constituent
  • 17th Out of office
  • 18th 9.00am IT migration; 11.00am Meeting with officers and HVFC; 2.00pm Meeting with constituent; 3.30pm teams meeting; 4.00pm-8.00pm Pre-Committee preparation.
  • 19th 9.00am Licensing Sub Committee (all day)
  • Nb Admin carried out every day whenever time allows.

During Council Easter recess I will be checking emails frequently as will my assistant Gail.  Feel free to contact me on any Council issue you may have by email or phone, details below.

Stay safe and well.”

Residents can contact Cllr. Fullerton via email to: or by calling 0131 529 4993. Correspondence address: The City of Edinburgh Council, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ

One thought on “Councillor’s Report from Cllr. Catherine Fullerton, March 2021

  1. Why nothing about the Council’s plan to destroy the Dalry Woodlands for an unnecessary cycle path? Why are local councillors not fighting this vile act of environmental vandalism?


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