Public Consultations

GDCC’s main purpose is representative; to engage with the local community and to put forward these views to the city council and other organisations including Scottish Government, NHS Lothian and Police Scotland. We are often consulted on how local services are delivered and other issues affecting our neighbourhoods.

We are constituted under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 which defines the purpose of a community council as: “to ascertain, co-ordinate and express to the Local Authorities for its area and to public authorities the views of the community which it represents, in relation to matters for which those authorities are responsible.”

We often co-ordinate and submit responses to draft policy reports or consultation documents, and share information with residents on open public consultations, surveys, and other opportunities to submit their views.

For more on Public Consultations see the City of Edinburgh Consultation Hub

Open Consultations

Recent Consultations (now closed)

If there is an issue that you think residents should be consulted on, or that GDCC can support residents with, get in touch.