Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places Within the City of Edinburgh Council Area

Image credit: Russss

We received the following consultation details from the City of Edinburgh Council Elections and Members’ Services Manager on July 13th 2020:

The City of Edinburgh Council Election Team have conducted a review of the polling districts and polling places in the City, in accordance with The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013. We have a duty to split the city into polling districts, with a polling place allocated to each district.  The aim is to give voters the optimal facilities for voting – they need to be easy to get to, accessible to all voters and to have appropriate capacity and facilities.

We are now looking for your feedback and comments on these proposals through our Consultation Hub at

Our review took account of feedback from recent elections, experience of using the current places and any recent changes in circumstances – for example new building or changes to access or roads. Polling places must be accessible to all electors, including voters with a disability, so far as practicable so that is also an important factor for us to check.

The review has identified a number of changes that are being proposed to improve the polling arrangements in the City. The designation of polling places is a decision of the Council. However, before councillors consider the proposals and make their decision, we need to seek comments and feedback from electors and other stakeholdersThis is now your opportunity to comment on your polling facilities and to suggest alternatives if you are unhappy with your current facilities.

Please read the proposals for some modifications to current arrangements. This document shows, by Ward, the current polling places and the proposals for new arrangements. There is also a discussion of the use of schools as polling places.

There are no changes proposed to polling district boundaries apart from a very minor adjustment in Ward 3 where a Care Home is moved to an adjacent district to account for its access arrangements. The only changes proposed are to move some polling places.

Maps of wards are available from if they would be useful or they can be viewed through the online map.

If you have any questions please contact the elections team

The consultation opens on Monday 13 July 2020 and will run for 4 weeks, closing on 10 August.

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