COVID-19 Emergency Road Measures Approved for Gorgie and Dalry

We received the following notification from the City of Edinburgh Council Spaces for People Team on Friday 17th July:

Dear Councillors and Stakeholders,

Thank you for your comments regarding the proposed emergency road measures in Gorgie & Dalry. Comments have been reviewed and a summary of comments is included in the attached assessment feedback form to the Council Incident Management Team (CIMT). Following consideration by the CIMT, the measures have been approved for implementation.

Full details of approved measures (as proposed on 6th July)

We expect that these measures will be implemented from Thursday 23rd July with temporary traffic management equipment, such as cones. Where deemed suitable, this equipment will then be replaced with more robust, semi-permanent materials once available.

Officers will be monitoring all the temporary measures and will make adjustments as necessary to mitigate any impacts.

Further information about how the Council is implementing temporary road measures to support safe walking, wheeling, running and cycling is available at


The Spaces for People Team

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