Elected Representation

The following individuals are currently elected representatives covering the Gorgie and Dalry area. Please click on their names for links to their contact details.

City of Edinburgh Council

Gorgie and Dalry are part of Ward 7 Sighthill/Gorgie. The ward is currently represented by the following Councillors (Elected, May 2022):

Councillors for the Sighthill/Gorgie ward regularly attend GDCC monthly public meetings to report back and listen to residents. You can also contact them directly via email or social media, we are happy to be included in these to make sure problems are sorted quickly.

We also publish regular reports from our ward councillors on what they doing.

There are two small sections of our area which are part of other wards. Angle Park Terrace is part of Fountainbridge / Craiglockhart Ward 9. While the homes on the East of Robertson Avenue, and houses on Slateford Road are in the Sighthill/Gorgie Ward but not with GDCC’s area. If you are unsure you can use this tool to find your ward.

Local councillors are elected in multi-member wards across the city, this means each area can have multiple political parties or independents representing us. Prior to 2007 a first past the post system was used on smaller wards. The voting system uses Single Transferable Voting (STV), which means in the ballot box you can number the candidates by your preference (eg. 1, 2, 3… till the last candidate or you decide to stop). When the ballots are counted, a “quota” for votes is calculated based upon the total number of valid votes divided by the number of councillors in the ward plus one. When a candidate reaches this quota they are elected.

If a candidate reaches the quota and is elected, their votes are then distributed to the other candidates based on the second preference on each voting ballot. To make the process fair, these votes will be reduced in value as these voters’ first preference has been elected. The transfer value is found by dividing the candidate’s total votes by the surplus number of votes above the quota. the transfer value is what each second preference vote will be worth to this next candidate, the total of first and second preference totals are found and if another candidate has reached the quota they will be elected and their votes will be redistributed in the same way. If no one is elected the candidate with the fewest votes will be eliminated and their votes distributed to the remaining candidates based upon the voter’s ordered preference, in this case as the votes were not used to elect someone there will be no reduction in the votes “value”. This process of elimination and election will continue until all the ward councillors have been elected.

Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP)

Gorgie and Dalry mostly falls under the Scottish Parliament constituency of Edinburgh Central. This constituency is currently represented by:

If you live on the edges of our boundary specifically Angle Park Terrace, you may be in another constutuency such as Edinburgh Southern – Daniel Johnston (Scottish Labour).

Gorgie and Dalry are also represented by the following MSPs for the Lothian region:

Your Lothian MSPs are:

All MSPs have offical emails, phone numbers and other social media which you can contact them with. Most will also have constituency surgery events in person.

Member of the United Kingdom Parliament (MP)

Gorgie and Dalry fall under the UK Parliament constituency of Edinburgh South West. The constituency is currently represented by: