“Negatively affecting our area” – GDCC Interview on Fly Tipping in Dalry

Video credit: Chloe Goodall

Edinburgh Napier journalism student Chloe Goodall recently interviewed Gorgie Dalry Community Councillor Mathew Reilly for a video report on the persistent problems residents are having with fly tipping in the area.

Mathew commented:

“At our Community Council meetings when we have discussions about this it seems that everyone is annoyed with it and fed up, they say that our area looks really bad because of it. And then whenever you look online, whether one the Gorgie Dalry Neighbours group or the Keep Gorgie Clean page, all the comments are all negative, like “this makes our place look untidy” or “this is a health hazard”. Everyone who comments seems to say that it is negatively affecting our area.”

Fly tipping on Downfield Place. Image credit: GDCC

Gorgie Dalry Community Council continue to report fly tipping, and are pressing the City of Edinburgh Council to do more to prevent waste from being dumped in our area in the first place. We encourage residents who are concerned about this issue to attend our next public meeting at 7pm on Monday 7th December

2 thoughts on ““Negatively affecting our area” – GDCC Interview on Fly Tipping in Dalry

  1. I have lived in Dalry all my life and the fly tipping is a huge problem and has got worse over the years People have no pride in where they live or impact it has on others who do take pride where they live. No respect . People buying flats and renting them out and no consequences for people doing so .
    Another big concern is the people rummaging the bins and leaving burst bags all over the place. This causes vermin

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