City of Edinburgh Council Consultation on Future of Spaces for People measures

Image credit: GDCC

The City of Edinburgh Council have launched a consultation on their ‘Spaces for People’ measures, which is open for responses until 21st March 2021. The following information is from the City of Edinburgh Council:

“This survey is for individuals and households, if you are responding on behalf of a business, please use this link instead.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve [the City of Edinburgh Council, not GDCC] put ‘Spaces for People’ measures in place that aim to:

  • help parents/carers and children to physically distance near schools
  • help people to physically distance while using high streets, some city centre streets, and while exercising
  • provide protected cycle lanes on main roads, so that people can consider cycling for trips that they might otherwise make by public transport.

Many Spaces for People measures are in place, but some are either currently being installed or will be installed soon.  To allow quick installation of the Spaces for People measures within the available budget, we’ve used low cost materials, including rubber kerbs and plastic barriers. You can see the existing and planned Spaces for People projects on our online map. Some measures – schools projects, high street ‘de-cluttering’, and our traffic lights auto ‘green man’ project – aren’t on the map.

Why we are consulting

The Council is considering whether to keep some ‘Spaces for People’ measures in place, either on a trial basis or more permanently. This is because many of the measures may to help achieve Council objectives unrelated to the Coronavirus pandemic, including:

  • encouraging more people to switch to more sustainable ways of travelling such as walking or cycling
  • supporting high streets and city centre businesses by providing more space for people
  • improving road safety
  • improving health
  • reducing carbon dioxide emissions, to help Edinburgh achieve  net zero carbon  by 2030.

Before deciding whether to go through the legal processes necessary to keep projects in place, we want to hear people’s views.

Please respond to this survey to help us to better understand how you feel about retaining the different types of ‘Spaces for People’ projects, and any you particularly wish to see retained or removed.”

Take part in the survey:

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