Councillor’s Report from Cllr. Denis Dixon, February 2021

Image credit: City of Edinburgh Council

At our December 2020 meeting, Gorgie Dalry Community Council agreed to post written reports submitted by our local ward Councillors for those residents who cannot make it to Community Council meetings. Gorgie Dalry Community Council is an impartial organisation and publishes information provided by any of our local elected representatives regardless of party allegiance, with the exception of explicit canvassing material. The opinions and positions expressed are those of the representative and not of GDCC.

“We are slowly moving into the new year and the signs of Spring are beginning to appear. COVID is still playing a big part in inhibiting all councillors from getting out and about to meet their constituents and this is something I miss.

The past month has been busy dealing with individual constituent cases but I do not comment on these in my report for obvious reasons. They are though made up mainly of housing, homelessness, repairs, quality and ASB issues which include drug related activity. Consequently, I am in direct contact with the Police on a regular basis.

In general, I have been dealing with Health and Safety issues relating to the new development site in Murieston. This extends to complaints about weekend working which is prohibited by the Council. The site agent has been approached by Council officials, at my request and advised of this. I also made sure the pedestrian walkway was installed properly at the site, to allow for COVID distancing with safety barriers being erected correctly.

I have been dealing with road surfacing complaints in Dalry and Stevenson Road. I have also had cold water supply issues addressed at Westfield Court. This is being resolved with Scottish Water through the Council’s Housing Repairs dept.

Fly tipping and bin issues have been a bit quieter recently but I report what I have on a regular basis to Waste.

I cover Longstone, Kingsknowe and Redhall. I also work on joint Ward issues with the other local councillors. In Longstone I have been working with the Longstone Community Council where there are ongoing graffiti issues, Spaces for People enquiries and the Prison path closure due to flooding. There is also an issue of flooding in Redhall Park under the canal which is ongoing.
Some good news is that in Saughton Park, the work on installing the new CCTV is well underway and will be completed later this month or early in April. Hopefully this will bring about a reduction in vandalism in the Park area.

Cllr. Denis Dixon”

Residents can contact Cllr. Dixon via email to: or by calling 0131 529 4988. Correspondence address: The City of Edinburgh Council, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ

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