Spaces for People Feedback sent to CEC

Image credit: GDCC

As the local Community Council for Gorgie Dalry, we asked residents to send us their feedback in October 2020 after the temporary wands for the Gorgie Dalry Town Centre Spaces for People scheme were replaced by more durable concrete structures, and the layouts of the scheme were changed in some locations. Based on this feedback, Gorgie Dalry Community Council members have sent the following letter to the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) and our local councillors to pass on concerns and make suggestions for improvements.

We note that the review conducted by the City of Edinburgh Council officers, published in the papers for the CEC Transport and Environment Committee, Thursday, 12th November, 2020, states that for the Gorgie Dalry Town Centre SfP scheme: ‘Review complete – recommendation to continue with no changes’. 

However, in this letter, we outline the main themes of local opinion, based on comments and emails we received from people who live, work, or travel to our area, and from discussions at GDCC public meetings on the Gorgie Dalry Spaces for People Scheme, and make some suggestions for changes to the existing scheme.

We also note that we (GDCC) were not approached for our comment and neither were residents approached for feedback by the Spaces for People Team during this review, and have raised our disappointment with the CEC that community input was not sought from us.

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