Temporary Automated Crossing at Junctions in Gorgie and Dalry

Image credit: Mathew Reilly/GDCC

As part of the City of Edinburgh Council’s Spaces for People response to COVID-19, temporary changes have been made to 125 main junctions across the city to automate the ‘green man’ crossing.

According to the Council:

“You now don’t need to touch buttons at over 125 main junctions, across the whole of the Council area, to use the ‘green man’. On the changed junctions, it will automatically run during the traffic signal sequences changes for vehicles.

This will help keep our residents safe as they no longer have to touch the button to cross the road at these main junctions. These changes will run during the day and evening, when it’s most needed by people who are exercising or making essential journeys. For most locations, the automatic green man will operate from 7am and stop between 7pm and 11pm, depending on the location, to avoid noise issues overnight.

The ‘beeping’ alert will still operate so that people with visual disabilities are aware it is safe to cross. While we appreciate this may be heard by some people living beside the main junctions, the safety and well-being of our residents is very important to us – not touching the button will help stop the spread of Covid-19.

We’re able to do this from remote for the signals on main junctions. Signs will be put in place on the main junctions which have been automated.”


In Gorgie and Dalry, and the surrounding area, the following junctions have been automated as of July 22, 2020:

  • Ardmillan Junction
  • Balgreen Road/ Stevenson Drive
  • Dundee Street/ West Approach Road
  • Gorgie Road/ Balgreen Road
  • Gorgie Road/ Robertson Ave
  • Gorgie Road/ Westfield Road
  • Haymarket Junction
  • Haymarket Terrace/ Haymarket Station
  • Slateford Road/ Ardmillan Terrace
  • Slateford Road/ Robertson Ave
  • Slateford Road/ Shandon Place
  • Stevenson Road/ Westfield Road

For the full list of automated crossing junctions across the city, see this list from the CEC: https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/downloads/download/14505/automated-crossing-junctions

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