Looking Back at Lockdown in Gorgie and Dalry – Community Gallery

During the 2020 lockdown, we asked residents of Gorgie and Dalry to send us pictures of what our area looked like to them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst we are still not fully out of lockdown (currently in Phase 3 of easing), we are sharing the pictures sent to us by community members in and around Gorgie and Dalry to reflect on how things have changed since April / May.

Authors have given us permission to share the photos here, but please do not republish or reproduce without requesting permission of the authors via email.

Thank you to all in the community who sent us pictures!

Nancy Bryson (@nancy.bryson2) snapped these wee ones “social distancing dog style” in Muiriston Park, featuring (L-R) wee Gordie, Titan, Reni, and Rosy!
Richard Waugh (@RichieRichJTS) took this striking photo of Dalry Cemetery gate-lodge whilst walking to the shops during the lockdown.
Lauren (@laurenjs164) sent us this cheery snap of the daffodils in bloom in Saughton Park (above) and one of the many colourful signs that residents put in their windows around Coxfield (below).
Gorgie/Dalry Community Park in Bloom: our very own Vice-Chair Rona Brown (@rona.brown.7547) sent us an update on how the roses were getting on in the park at Dalry Road.
GDCC Community Councillor Laura Wise (@auttonwise) took this picture of the Caledonian Brewery and the Wardlaws basking in the sun during one of her lockdown walks.
GDCC Treasurer Alex McKendrick (sent in via email) took these beautiful photos of North Merchiston Cemetery in the sunshine.
GDCC Engagement Officer Mathew Reilly (sent via email) took this photo of the Greenway on Wardlaw Place at 12pm on a Wednesday during lockdown, showing a distinct lack of cars. Usually, these spaces were constantly full of people parking here to visit the shops / grab lunch. There was a noticeable lack of noise and pollution; very refreshing.
GDCC Engagement Officer Mathew Reilly (sent via email) showing a deserted Slateford Road, almost completely free of traffic at the beginning of April.

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