Information Events About Communal Bin Review

Image credit: The City of Edinburgh Council

GDCC received the following information from the City of Edinburgh Council Waste and Cleansing Services team on Thursday 27th August 2020:

We would like to let you know that we are holding some information stalls to let residents know our plans for changes to communal bins.  This will improve the recycling services and the local environment for people who live in flats.

Following our pilot projects, such as the one in Albert Street, we’ll start to introduce bin hubs from 2021 throughout the city with full waste and recycling services.  More information about these, and how we are deciding where to create the bin hubs is all on the new webpages.

The timescale for the roll out will be confirmed through the committee report to Transport and Environment in Autumn/Winter 2020.  Currently, we plan to start with Leith and Leith Walk in early 2021.

Abbeyhill and Gorgie will follow later that year.  We’ll be holding some information events in the areas that will be affected first.  These will be outside and have been planned with COVID precautions, with large posters on a gazebo for residents to find out what the bin hubs will look like.  We will have officers on site to answer questions.

The locations [of information events] in your area are:

– Corner Dalry Road outside Co-op, on Tue 1st September 10am -2pm
– Corner Bryson Road/Tay Street on Wed 2nd September 1pm – 4pm
– Gorgie Road outside Love Gorgie Farm on Thu 3rd September 2pm -5pm

We would appreciate it if you could let your contacts know about these events, and should you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

When works are about the start on a street in your ward, we’ll send postcards to the residents to let them know. We’ll also keep you and the relevant community councils up to date.  Once works are underway, we’ll send residents more information about the changes and how to best use the recycling service.

More details are on the new webpages:

2 thoughts on “Information Events About Communal Bin Review

  1. Sorry. Dalry resident here but unable to attend due to short notice/prior committment. Question [1] Will the council still empty the bins – even if full? [2] Will flat clearance co’s. be charged for debris left lying around bins? [3] Will STL/STR Cleaning Co.’s be charged for chucking all cleared materials – usually booze bottles/cans/fast food packaging – into landfill instead of recycling bins? [
    4 Will STL/STR Cleaning Co’s. be required to register with council and to pay a flat rate fee [%ge of turnover?] for their commercial operations?


    1. Hi, our Chair asked these questions and has sent the following replies. But we suggest that you contact the City Council directly with your questions about STLs.

      1) the council will still empty the bins .
      2) if he/she can get the name of the flat clearing company and photos of their activities, that can be reported to the council for them to chase up. Other wise the flytipped stuff will be dealt with as now. The Council rep at the meeting this morning said that there won’t be the space in the bin bays for mattresses, sofas etc!
      3) perhaps the enquirer could encourage the other residents in his/her stair to recycle their own rubbish and not leave it cluttering up the stairwell
      4) perhaps the enquirer – or us – could find out if stair cleaning companies pay some sort of rates?

      Also, if you are having issues with STLs and rubbish in your street, please see our information on how to report:

      Best wishes, GDCC


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