Reply from Spaces for People to our Open Letter

Image credit: City of Edinburgh Council

We received the following response to our open letter from the Spaces for People Team at the City of Edinburgh Council on 11 June.

As of 16 June, we have not yet received any details of proposals for Gorgie Dalry town centre. We will share any proposals with residents as soon as we have them.

Subject: GDCC Spaces for People Follow Up 

Dear Community Council

Thank you for  your email regarding the Spaces for People Programme.  There has been significant , understandable public demand to introduce temporary emergency measures to make streets safe for walking and cycling while observing physical distancing guidance.  The report to the Policy and Sustainability Committee on 14 May sets out the proposed schemes for implementation and expected timescales.  The reason for providing expected timescales is because some of the Schemes are more complex than others and as such require more time to develop for example the town centres have a number of different issues that need to be resolved – how to create the additional space provided which is safe for all users when there are a number of competing demands, access for the traders to get deliveries and commercial waste removal, residential access, maintaining public transport, servicing of communal, residential and litter bins, the appropriate signage so users do not come into conflict at bus stop, controlled crossings, outside shops, chemists etc. There will be workstreams which will progress quicker than others but please be assured that the implementation of these measures are a priority for Council Officers.

The assessment framework for programme prioritisation is set out in the report of 14 May and demonstrates how suggested interventions would be assessed and prioritised for delivery.  Projects are being assessed using these criteria and then prioritised for delivery, taking into account the need for schemes to align as closely as possible with the release of COVID 19 restrictions, integrate with other projects and be realistically deliverable within the short timeframes available. The assessment methodology and design process aim to ensure that projects are targeted to achieve the greatest benefit within the desired timeframe, with safe and robust designs.

We are aiming to progress the Gorgie / Dalry Town Centres proposal to the Incident Management Team next week and, if approved, the proposals will go out to the stakeholders for notification.

I hope this information is helpful to you and we will be in touch with further updates.


Spaces for People Team

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