Interim Notification Measures for Traffic Orders in Edinburgh

Image credit: City of Edinburgh Council

The following information comes from the City of Edinburgh Council:

Find out what proposals there are for your area

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, all of our traffic order information can now be found solely online.

Find details of all orders being processed and all current Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders at

You can also register to receive alerts by text or email relating to proposed permanent Traffic, Roads or Planning Orders in your area via the Tellme Scotland portal


The Council regularly consults with a variety of stakeholders on issues relating to the progressing of Traffic (and other) Orders. The ongoing situation with Covid-19 and the requirement for physical distancing impacts how the Council is able to comply with legislative requirements when it comes to advertising Orders, including (for example) displaying documents at our offices to be viewed by the public.

The Scottish Government, recognising that there would be legislative requirements relating to a range of services provided by Scottish Local Authorities (including Traffic Orders, Planning and Licensing), recently passed The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020, making temporary provisions to allow these legal processes to continue. The Act effectively removes any legal requirements that might lead to the spread or transmission of coronavirus, whilst encouraging local authorities to adopt alternative methods of communicating important information to interested or affected parties.

As a result, the City of Edinburgh Council has decided that, until further notice, we will not:

  1. Erect street notices for any Traffic Regulation Order (including temporary or experimental orders), Roads (Scotland) Order, Speed Limit Order or Orders processed in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act;
  2. Physically display any documents linked to any of the aforementioned Orders at Waverley Court or any other Council building


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