Tynecastle Student Accommodation

Old Tynecastle High School – Credit S1 Developments 30-04-2021

There is currently a PAN application (21/00988/PAN) on the council’s planning portal for the construction of student accommodation of the site of the Old Tynecastle High School. The developer is Tynecastle Teague which is a subsidiary of S1 developments.

In our March meeting, GDCC voted on our preliminary position for this site. All present were agreed that we are not in favour of student housing but should be developed potentially for housing.

There will be an online based consultation (www.oldtynecastlehigh.com) on the 18th of May and would recommend as many residents as possible engage with this process. The developer has made an effort to meet with a number of local organisations and will be attending our meeting on the 4th of May.

As part of our engagement process, we plan to hold a live online consultation event on our dedicated project webpage (www.oldtynecastlehigh.com) on 18th May 2021 between 3pm and 7pm we would welcome your attendance. Further information on the consultation process will be available on the website on 11th  May 2021. We will also be distributing leaflets and posters locally to promote this. A dedicated phone number – 0131 202 3259 – will also be provided for those who do not have internet access and hard copies of materials can be provided.

Fraser Blackwood JLL 30-04-2021

Below is a PDF file we recived from the developer which provides further context on their developing proposals and outlines the design analysis and research they have undertaken to date. (30-04-2021)

We have responded to this as GDCC does not accept the statistic about the number of students in the local area is at all valid.

We would also like to raise some serious concerns about the statement you made about the levels of students in the local area:
“The City of Edinburgh Council’s Locality and ward data profile identify student levels as being low (at 14.8%) below the level of 15.8% for the city as a whole. Even with the addition of recently granted and planned accommodation the proposed development will not create an unsustainable concentration of student accommodation. *ward boundary to be updated / confirmed”

Firstly these statistics are derived with a denominator population covering the whole Sighthill & Gorgie council ward. This is essentially meaningless because it is such a large area, which also incorporates large differences in the nature & density of housing stock over the area. As the ward stretches far to the West, where on average it is safe to say that the housing is at a lower density compared to the East in Gorgie & Dalry. It’s also hard to argue that using this large ward to calculate a single percentage would ever represent the day to day lived experience of anybody in the East of the Ward. As most student accommodation has been built in the East of the Ward not the West.

We also have to raise objections to the validity of this data in the first place, this data is sourced from the 2011 census which is now a decade old. Over the past 10 years, there has been significant expansion in the student accommodation provision in the local area, and this does not represent the situation in the slightest. Therefore, we request that this statistic is withdrawn and not used in future. The developer will have to make more of an effort to establish that the local area is not already over saturated with student accommodation as per the Local Plan (2016).

GDCC 02-05-2021

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