GDCC Submission to Roseburn Path Planning Application

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GDCC submitted the following submission to support the planning application to develop a footway and cycle path link between Roseburn and Fountainbridge via the Dalry Community Park (application ref: 20/03561/FUL), as we believe this offers a useful new pedestrian and cycle route through our area, connecting residents to the National Cycle Route 1 (NCN1) to the Union Canal. However, we have included a list of concerns with the proposal as it currently stands, and our support is contingent on these points being fully taken into account.

If you are a resident of Gorgie or Dalry and wish to get in touch with us about this proposal, please email

Gorgie Dalry Community Council Comments on the Link Between Roseburn And Union Canal At Roseburn Path Edinburgh – application ref: 20/03561/FUL

October 9th 2020

Gorgie Dalry Community Council are in favour of this proposal, as we believe this offers a useful new pedestrian and cycle route through our area, connecting the National Cycle Route 1 (NCN1) to the Union Canal. We hope that this new path will provide a safer route for pedestrians and cyclists to travel through the area while keeping users off the busy Dalry Road and improving connections across the West Approach Road. It should also be a safer route for children to travel to school and facilitate greater independence. The new facilities, community gardens and the woodland, are very welcome.

We are also excited about the proposed works in Dalry Community Park which seem to offer improved facilities for children of all ages. Enhancing the park’s connections to the community will hopefully improve its current status as a relatively unused green space. We do hope care will be taken to protect local biodiversity and not excessively impact on existing plants and rare species that call the park home.

However, we have concerns about several of the details in the current planning application and our full support comes with the caveat that these points are taken into account (in no particular order):

1.   That the number of proposed trees to be felled be reassessed as to whether that number can be reduced as currently it seems excessive. We also want the Council to guarantee that the number of new trees quoted will be planted and adequately maintained over the decades to come.

2.   Residents of Duff Street Lane have voiced their criticism about the proposed impact on their flats, in terms of privacy and aesthetics. Therefore, we ask that this part of the design is potentially revisited to manage the sightlines between the project and the flats. Trees which can be kept in this location should be retained, and the possibility of increasing the number of semi mature trees in this location to improve their privacy and views be considered. At minimum, the proposed privacy barriers should be further consulted on with the affected residents.

3.   There is a strong need for good lighting and CCTV to make this path and the community park safe in the dark. Understandably, this aspect is missing at this stage of design, however it is vitally important that this is part of the final design.

4.   We also would like to ask about the possibility of installing community story boards, similar to the ones on the North Edinburgh Cycle path at Drylaw,* as part of this project or earmarking space for these. We would also welcome inclusion on the design or facilitation of these, along with other community groups and residents. The signs in North Edinburgh tell the story of the local community, biodiversity and culture, these would be very fitting items to include in the Community Park and this path.

5.   Given the planned works on Russell Road, improvements should be made for northbound cyclists turning right onto the NCN1. Currently this is a dangerous turn for cyclists, due to the sharp bend and often busy oncoming traffic, leaving cyclists waiting in the middle of the road. This could be improved upon with a traffic island or by encouraging cyclists to join the path further south at Sauchiebank.

6.   The proposed toucan crossing on Dalry Road has provisions to allow for cyclists to pull into the side when heading into town so that they can use the crossing to access the Community Park. Provision for cyclists facing southbound are lacking in this design, as it appears that they will have to enter the park via the toucan crossing, which is dangerous for any pedestrians waiting there. We would suggest a separate location for cyclists to enter and exit the park other than the toucan crossing; potentially similar to the provision on the other side of the road.

7.   The signs for the Community Park in this application read “Dalry Park”, these should be changed to read “Dalry Community Park”.

8.   The path is a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists; we have some concerns that potentially this new path may generate problems for disabled users, particularly the partially sighted. The RNIB, Sustrans and the DfT don’t recommend shared use paths in urban areas; we ask whether other options could be investigated to potentially segregate or widen the path.

9.   The scheme does not show adequate (corduroy) tactile paving at the entrances to the scheme at the Dalry Road entrance, and the existing provision around the Telfer subway are lacking. No (corduroy) tactile paving is shown at any of the stairways in this scheme. Corduroy tactile paving acts as a warning for the partially sighted users of the path and should be included.

GDCC, October 9th 2020

*See further: ‘Roots by Routes display launched at Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre’ 

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