How to find and report empty grit bins in Gorgie/Dalry

Image credit: Google

As the cold weather in Edinburgh continues to cause pavements and roads to ice over, here is how to find your nearest grit bin in Gorgie/Dalry, and to report if it is empty or damaged.

City of Edinburgh Council Grit bin location online search tool

Quoting the reference number of a particular grit bin when possible (available via the search tool), please call Clarence on 0800 23 23 23 or email to:
– report a grit bin which needs re-filled, or has been damaged
– request an existing grit bin is re-positioned or removed
– request a new grit bin.

Source: City of Edinburgh Council

If residents are having issues with pavements and roads during the cold weather, please contact your City Councillors to raise the issue with them – contact details available here.

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