Gorgie Dalry Community Council Meeting Minutes, Mon 3rd April 2017


The chair welcomed everyone and introductions were made. She also explained that Graham Angus who is the franchisee at McDonalds in Gorgie Road had come along. He had requested to do a presentation regarding the planned upgrade to the Gorgie Road premises.  It was agreed that this would go ahead before the planned meeting.


Laura Baird [LB GDCC]

Arron Peters [AP  GDCC]

Adrian Herbert [AH  GDC Church]

Nancy McDonald  [NM  Garvald ]

Kirsti Brown [KB  GDCC ]


Graham Angus [McDonald Franchisee]

PC Craig Morris 11574

Sonia Squires [SS St Martins Church ]

Martin Salkeld [MS local resident]

Marie Stein [MS for The Caladonian Village Owners Association]

Sharon Walker [SW GDCC]

Jim Park  [JP GDCC]

Rona Brown  [RB Chair GDCC]

Jim Hogg [JH Treasurer GDCC]

Graeme Russell [GR GDCC ]

Eilidh Troup [ET GDCC]

Margaret Harper [MH Local resident ]

Angela Astor [AA GDCC ]

Cllr Denis Dixon [DD  CEC]

Cllr Donald Wilson [DW  CEC ]

Cllr Cathy Fullerton [CF  CEC]



By Graham Angus McDonalds  Frachisee

The Gorgie Road store opened in 1996 the company own the land which includes the car park.

It became a franchise in 2016 although it is hoped other stores will follow suit in the future, At present they deal with approx. 80k customers per year, often many leave because of lack of space so it is expected numbers will increase. Staffing requirements will increase also, so full time and part time staff aged from 16- 67 will be recruited.

The plans for the Gorgie store: change the position of the store entrance, extend the width of the drive through therefore improving access.  The seating accommodation will be increased from 43 to 90 seats, a refurbishment of the interior is also planned.   The work will hopefully be carried out August to September over a four week period.

CF inquired about salaries these are not the minimum holiday pay is given and free meals.

DW mentioned the help GA had give to the event B in the Park, organised by a local community group, Friends of Westfield Court Park. GA said that for the future clean up event he would be willing to pay cost of waste removal.

The plans will be finalised in the next two weeks then submitted in May. ET suggested an area for bike parking as there is no area at present to secure bikes. GA said this was something they would look seriously at.  DD also though this would be a requirement for planning approval.

Chair thanked GA for his attendance and keeping the CC informed of the plans.


Approved SW and RB


GA contact re McDonalds


Payment made for engraving on trophy, also donation to DW marathon sponsorship One City Trust.

Balance £1,298.07.   Accounts ready for auditing,




P.C. Craig Morris gave a list of incidents that have occurred in the area. The problem with youths and anti social behaviour in the Whitson, Stenhouse and  Saughton continues. Eviction notices have been served to parents of some of the teenagers involved.  This is an on going problem – investigations and working with various agencies continues.

Plain clothed and uniformed officers are in the area monitoring and dealing with incidents.

Motorbike thefts increased buts bikes have been recovered. The thieves tend to use the cycle and tram routes for escape.

Police Scotland 2026 web site gives details of plans to deal with problems in the area.  Contact details on GDCC web site.


MH mentioned the ongoing problem of broken community entryphone systems for stairs. They are constantly out of action and there seems to be difficulty getting repairs done as there are so many properties let out and landlords do not contribute to repairs or have anti social tenants.  Incidents have to be witnessed to lead to prosecution.

DW advised always inform Police, it will be dealt with at some point.  There is a Gorgie, Sighthill mail box on the web site. Problems can be entered and will be seen and responded to, therefore, there is no duplication, and also helps by being directed to the correct area.

Gorgie-Sighthill police web site: http://www.scotland.police.uk/your-community/edinburgh/south-west-es/sighthill-gorgie/

Email: EdinburghSighthillGorgieCPT@Scotland.pnn.police.uk


CF re anti social behaviour – caused by a core group of approx. 25 come from city-wide.

DD mentioned the tenancy eviction threat and orders had been issued.

DW renovation of Saughton Park: the waterwheel is not on the plans, now too exspensive but Garvald  is keen to have a water turbine. The power\heat generated would benefit the greenhouses.  In situ possibly in by November.

DD Fly tipping and dog fouling is on the increase.   Private gardens – little control over these. CF mentioned Gordon McDonald can advise on legislation re private gardens.

Street awareness clean ups “operation Violet” in Gorgie Dalry.

The Big Hearts project – ‘Gorgie Smiles’ has undergone a change of direction. It was felt by Big Hearts that the project should continue to focus on the original outcomes and work on the practical, improvement tasks that they know could be delivered successfully.

Action days for community:  dates to follow.

DD re break in at Gorgie City Farm, AA will contact Farm Manager for info feed back to councillors.

ET asked about hustings for forthcoming council elections, as she would post any dates, etc on GDCC web site. No dates at present.


HMO’s TRO’s  Nil at present

Decisions on 90 day holiday let properties


No dates


Friends of Westfield Court Park – resurfacing, improvement of fences, all ongoing.  Container for tools etc, application and choice of positioning still to be decided.  Tools still required.

B in the Park date to be decided but planting will go ahead meantime, dates to follow.

Councillors will be e-mailed dates of events etc.


G in the Park 10th June : – Muirieston Park 11am-3pm.

This is organised by the local churches.  Toilet facilities in the area are poor solutions e.g. portable toilets but these are expensive to hire.  The use of the toilets beside Springwell House is probably not possible, been closed for a while, but will possibly be investigated.

DW Mentioned the possibility of asset transfer for the toilets.

Email Active Cuts Group Seminar 7-9pm  New College  on The Mound  “Fake News, is it Relevant?”

CF  Stuart Campbell possibly meet with CC,  A Deans + HMFC reps will lead on this


ET  Mural  e-mail from Leanne Parry [Hearts] some people are interested in taking the idea further Health All Round have an art group,  A. Deans HMFC  Stuart Campbell  CF and  GDCC members will help but suggest Leanne Parry take the lead.

JP showed a letter he had published in Evening News regarding the reduction in opening hours for city libraries. This has been delayed till September but will probably go ahead even with new administration after the elections.

SS  Park clearing ST Martins have a eco group willing to help with clean ups.  This will be discussed further at May GDCC meeting.


Note, that as the 1st May is a holiday, we will meet on the 8th May instead.

8th May 2017 at 7pm,

Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse Church,

Gorgie Road.

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