Gorgie Dalry Community Council Meeting Minutes, 7pm, Mon 6th March 2017



Rona Brown [RB Chair GDCC]

Jim Hogg [JH Treasurer GDCC]

Sharon Walker [SW GDCC]

Aaron Peters [AP GDCC]

James Park [JP GDCC]

Laura Baird [LB GDCC]

Eilidh Troup [ET GDCC]

Angela Astor [ AA  GDCC]

Sonia Squires [SS St Martins Resource Centre]

Nancy McDonald [NM Garvald]

Adrian Herbert [AH  GDS Church]

PC Baillie 629

Donald Wilson [DW  CEC]

Denis Dixon [DD CEC]



Chair welcomed everyone



Cathy Fullerton [CF  CEC]



Approved by Aaron Peters and Laura Baird



JP mentioned there had been no response on the problem we had regarding the Christmas lights. RB said a letter was still to be sent. This will be done ASAP. DW said he had addressed the matter with the officials concerned, Paul Laurence and an apology has been sent to of the all organisations who were let down.



Training for CC members email sent to members

JP – Gorgie Smiles there is no dates for meetings arranged at present



All bills paid; healthy balance, so it was decided to make a donation to the churches gala day on the 10th June. JH will enquire to see what would be best to donate towards.



No problems at present with the new 20mph limit in the area no tickets issued, warnings given. Using mobile phones while driving penalties have been increased.

On the whole the number of crimes committed for the size of the area covered is not as bad as for similar areas

Report detailing criminal activity in the area: house breaking 9, none solved; assaults 13, to date 7 detected

Road traffic offences: 3 reported, 1 solved; theft 27, to date 8 solved; hate crime 2, both detected.

Public nuisance: 17, down on last month but Saughton Park and around McDonalds area still have problems with anti social behaviour, but continuing work to reduce this with parents being involved more.

AH – asked about requirements for licence for the gala in the park and about police input required.



Mike Avery is SWNP Manager

DW: Parts of the survey on depravation in Scotland results are being considered- specific needs to be targeted and the public asked.  Increasing council housing, investigations are on-going, then action points will be worked out.

Maps and a presentation will be requested from Mike Avery possibly around May/June.

BINS: there has been a pilot scheme in G\D with  posters . It is the 1st area to be involved. Environental wardens can be emailed if there are problems with the positioning of the bins after emptying or high winds. It would be good to have some sort of locking device to secure them.

Hoped that the council and the public can work together on this.

Westfield Court requires a large container for tools, etc.

DD informed LB that council reps had been out to check her stair re security and intercom systems.

Dog fouling – contact Paul Hutton, this is an ongoing problem in many areas -phone in any problems

Walkabouts: There is a new system in place with a new format. In 2-3 weeks time Dalry will have one, Gorgie will have one then one for the area.

Web site updates Red Amber Green [ RAG ]



DW said the new crossing on Calder Rd has made a big difference and is well used.

HMO’s,  TRO’s & Licence  Nil


Friends of Westfield Court Park LB, RB, DW, and Sarah Boyak had a meeting at the City Chambers, applied for funding and containers. Plants already in situ are doing well.

No improvement in the dog fouling. It is still the intention to have an event sometime in June.

Neighbourhood Partnership to improve the paths, fences and contact the bowling club re the wall, hopeful of getting permission to do a mural on it.   Craig Dunlop has been helping with the plans and hopes to continue to support the group.  A business has been storing their bins in the park this will be addressed.  Fencing improved, this should discourage dog users and fouling.

DD commented on Muirieston Park in Dalry, money would be required, Craig Dunlop is aware

No details of progress with the new cycle route or how it will affect the community park.



G in the Park,10th June, 11am – 3pm, open event, program is in the process of being planned, involving: Community Police , Non profit making organisations, Charities, Gorgie City Farm, Dalry Primary School, Tynecastle High School, possibly street food vendors.

The organising group will require help arranging licence, publicity, etc.

Gorgie Dalry Community Forum event previous Wednesday – Sharing Secrets in Dalry School.

There will be a dementia awareness week at St Brides in May, featuring an Alzheimer Scotland one woman play about dementia, which was on in Dynamic Earth last year. This will be followed by a workshop about Dementia, then the ‘Forget me Notes’ Alzheimer’s choir.



JJP raised said there was an article in the Evening News which raised concerns over the cut in opening hours [1 day a week reduction] at Fountainbridge Library.

DD and DW explained these cuts were happening all over the city, regretful but necessary at present.

GDCC is opposed to cuts, etc. It was agreed that JP will send a letter to support the article – campaign against cuts or reductions in service.

RB raised the request by a local resident Kirsti Brown to join GDCC agreed she would be proposed by AA and ET.

DW mentioned that he is doing 2 marathons: London and Edinburgh, raising funds for 1stCity Trust. The money would be used to buy defibrillators.

Alzhiemer Scotland one woman play about dementia, which was in Dynamic Earth last year will be on in St Brides.


GDCC will sponsor DW £100 for the marathons.



7pm, 3rd April 2017,

Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse Church, Gorgie Road.


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