Edinburgh Strategic Review of Parking – Phase 1 Traffic Regulation Order

Excerpt from Proposed Map 1803 © The City of Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh Area S6 – Gorgie and Gorgie North

On behalf of City of Edinburgh Council, the Project Centre are consulting on Phase 1 of the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), half of which will affect our area. They have categorised the areas into Gorgie (which includes Hutchison and other areas outwith the GDCC boundary) and Gorgie North (all parts north of Gorgie Road).

We have copied below a selection of the proposal maps which relate to the main areas around Gorgie Road to ease access for everyone. Please see the full website for detailed maps of all areas, in case your property is not within this selection.

You need to email the Project Centre by 5th December with any comments or objections: edinburgh.consultation@projectcentre.co.uk

As we all know, at the end of each evening, every section of road in the Gorgie area (excluding the Greenway) is occupied by a parked car. If all these truly are residents cars, then these proposals will affect a lot of cars due to a loss of spaces. However, we do not know if all cars are residents’. They could be dumped vehicles, trades peoples’ vehicles, business owners’ vehicles or others, so this CPZ proposal may actually free up spaces for residents.

On a quick look, the main changes are:

  • Wardlaw Terrace – will lose roughly 1/3 of existing spaces to no waiting double yellow lines (1/2 of the right hand side as you head down from Slateford Road). This loss of spaces could mean around 15 cars have to find parking elsewhere.
  • Wheatfield Road – the entire west side bounding the railway and the right side next to the bowling green will change to Pay & Display spaces ONLY. This is different to shared use bays, so you would have to move your car the next morning.
  • White Park – most of it will be no waiting, double yellow line.
  • Bin Hubs – this is in conjunction with replacing the current bins with bin hubs. These will be going where there are small sections of no waiting double yellow lines (which are orange on the maps). There is a separate consultation for this, where you can submit comments via their embedded online survey: click here
  • Stewart Terrace – there will be electric car charging spaces

If you have any questions about the proposed controls, please look at our proposal images below, or check our FAQs document and an explanation of how CPZs works. If you would simply like to indicate your support for the proposals or would like to formally object to the overall proposal or any detail of it, you need to do that, in writing, by 5th December 2021. Please email us at edinburgh.consultation@projectcentre.co.uk. You will need to include your full name, address and postcode in this correspondence. For further information on TROs, please visit www.edinburgh.gov.uk/roads-pavements/view-comment-traffic-orders-new or to view the Council’s privacy policy, please click here.

The Project Centre

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Strategic Review of Parking – Phase 1 Traffic Regulation Order

  1. Edinburgh Council removing already-scarce residents’ parking, then charging them to fight over the few spaces that are left! I used to live in a CPZ in Dalry and I can tell you they simply don’t work as the Council vastly oversells the amount of permits. This is nothing but a crass money extortion scheme.


  2. I generally object to these proposals as the issue of lack of parking spaces round this area only occurs during the evenings and on the odd occasions of football matches on weekends. Pay and display is often only in operation until around 6pm mid week, when the issue for spaces begins, thus this does not solve the issue of parking spaces in the area and only creates further costs to residence. In addition many trade works that residence use for maintenance or work to their property require spaces to park during the day, when the demand for space is lower as people are away at work. By introducing permits and pay and display it makes it unnecessarily more difficult and expensive for these companies and at the end of the day costs get past onto customers. The proposed plans also reduce the number of spaces available and similar to other comments I’ve seen, seems this is purely a scheme to make money rather than solve parking issues for residence.


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