Food Bank, A Play by Tara Osman

As It Is Theatre present Food Bank by Tara Osman

November 21st 2018 – Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh @ 6pm (invitation only)
November 22nd 2018 – Mitchell Library Theatre, Glasgow @ 7.30pm
November 23rd 2018 – North Edinburgh Arts @ 7.30pm

How does it feel to go hungry for days, yet be surrounded by plenty? What is it like to rely on a food bank to feed yourself and your family? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 25, states that “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing of himself and of his family”. Yet in the UK, in 2016, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are going hungry and cold. On this World Human Rights Day, 10th December 2016, we announced “Food Bank As It Is” , a factual drama which provides a window into the world of food poverty in the UK for those who want to look. Documented by a food bank worker who is incensed by what she has seen, these are dramatised real stories from one real food bank. Since spring 2017, Foodbank As It Is has played to many hundreds of people in venues in London, Oxford and Bangor, with a series of London and UK-wide shows planned for 2018. Food poverty in the UK is a national disgrace. Let’s show it for what it is.

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