Gorgie Road Scotmid Development


Gorgie Dalry Community Council voted to support the Scotmid development on Gorgie Road after several in-depth discussions with the developers and consultation with the local residents who attended our meetings. The design was modified and improved during the course of these discussions.

We are all volunteers and based our decision on the information available to us at the time.

Several local residents attended our meeting on the 1st April to express their opposition to the Scotmid Development. After listening to their concerns, we chose to meet to discuss the situation. We were, however, advised that 7 days notice would have to be given for a properly constituted meeting of the community council that would be able to reverse a previous decision (if based on incorrect, erroneous or incomplete information). As the final date for planning submissions is the 8th of April, we were not able to vote again on the issue.

We had advertised the Scotmid consultation in November:


And posted in advance the agendas of two of the meetings where Scotmid attended.


2 thoughts on “Gorgie Road Scotmid Development

  1. Perhaps if the GDCC had looked at the objections 52 from local residents against not 1 in support on the council official website it would have realised the strength of local opposition.
    A few residents attending any meeting to not express the feelings of everybody that lives here.
    Big business had pulled the wool over your eyes and out manoeuvred and lied at various times in this process and it’s a shame that the legacy the GDCC will leave in the community for years to come will be a 4 storey eye sore in a space specifically designed for a church and for the stairs surrounding it to have unobstructed views on to it.
    I appreciate the GDCC volunteer status and the work that you do having attended the meeting on Monday but it’s very sad that because of some deadline someone somewhere is saying it’s too late even though there was a good chance you were going to withdraw your letter of support .
    Very sad times

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  2. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. The meeting on April 1st should have come as no shock given that I have emailed GDCC multiple times since November to explain our objections. The 50+ objections submitted during the last application have not been resolved by the minor alterations made in the new design. Due to my working hours I have been unable to attend any meetings but I would still expect to have had our views represented. I fully appreciate that the GDCC volunteer their time in aid of the community but in this instance it does not appear they they are accurately representing the community. In fact, Gorgie Collective, a community arts based organisation, have been the the ones who have been engaging with the community and canvasing opinions, the role that GDCC should really be performing. For example, they have a strong social media presence whereas GDCC’s Facebook page makes no mention of the planning application and has not been updated since 2017. Unfortunately not everyone is aware of your website.

    During the last application your comment was submitted late. While this is far from ideal, I would urge you to still vote again and if necessary revoke your comment late. This may still have some affect on the final decision by the planning committee and frankly, it is better than doing nothing.


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