GDCC Meeting minutes, Aug 2017


The chair welcomed everyone asked that they introduce themselves. Requested approval for a presentation by Natalie Magee from Print Sign Centre to be heard first – accepted.


Sonia Squires [SS  St Martins Church]Adrian Hebert [AH   GDS church]

Aaron Peters [AP  GDCC]

Jim Hogg  [ JH  GDCC Treasurer]

Sharon Walker  [SW  GDCC ]

Graeme Russell  [GR  GDCC ]

Nancy McDonald [NM  Garvald]

Rona Brown [RB  Chair GDCC ]

Angela Astor [AA  GDCC ]

Cllr Denis Dixon [DD  CEC ]

Cllr Ashley Graczyk  [AG  CEC]

Natalie Magee, Print Sign Centre  Gorgie Rd

Michael McMullin  [GDS Church Outreach worker ]

Graham Angus  [GA  McDonald’s  Gorgie Rd.]

PC Kirstie Mauchline  [KM101]

Darren King, local resident

T Ammion, local resident

Helen Atkinson,  local resident



Marie Stein  [MS  Caladonian Village Owners ]

Eilidh Troup [ET  GDCC ]

Jim Parks  [JP  GDCC]

Laura Baird  [LB   GDCC Friends of Westfield Court Park]

Martin Salkeld  [MS  GDCC]


PRESENTATION  Print Sign Centre

Natalie explained that the business which is based in Gorgie would like to give something back to the community, the idea being they could produce a community paper which would give information on community events and other information the public might be interested in. Big Hearts are also interested in being involved. It is hoped to have other groups in the area who may want to pass on information use this avenue.  The paper would be on-line and also in print to allow wider access to the public distribution points will be looked at. There may be advertising for local businesses, this could go towards financing part of the project in time.  The community Police are interested in having some input but PC Maughlan will ask permission to contribute.

Natalie will be away for a while but it is planned to get an eight page magazine out by September and produce one approximately 4 a times a year

The GDCC members all thought this was an excellent idea and would be happy to be involved. Natalie said she would keep in touch.


Graham Angus, McDonalds, Gorgie Rd

Keep Scotland Tidy Campaign, last year a few events were held supporting this and Graham hoped there would be others. He remains committed to community involvement; ideas include scraping, painting and varnishing.

McDonalds will be closed for approx. 6 weeks around October but the intention is to continue to have clean ups. The council will be approached for help.  Gorgie facelift is one idea on 8th October in Aldi carpark.


MINUTES OF GDCC  previous meeting

Approved Sharon Walker and Aaron Peters



Leanne Perry from Hearts would like a meeting.

Letter with dates for planning and training for community council members.

Quilts exhibition.

Email with details of work being carried out at Saughton Park etc. and a video.



Donation of £100 to G in the Park

Balance £942.93



POLICE  PC Maughlin explained that she was replacing PC Craig and working with PC Baillie.

A report was left for GDCC info listing crimes and results for the area one important item mentioned was there had been no hate crimes in the ward

There would be special ops in September using bikes. Policing 2026 would be tackling issues.

Saughton – maybe a football match.

Reports or complaints can be emailed to or on Twitter @PoliceScotland these are checked daily.

Dale, who has in the past contacted GDCC regarding football and sports training for the young, was looking for a venue, it was mentioned. Kirstie knew of him and would be interested to be involved if possible. CC had told Dale they were interested and willing to make a donation, contact required.


DD has been involved with RB trying to help with staffing problems at St Brides Centre.

Tynecastle Stadium – expected September deadline for certain finished areas is now in doubt.

Fly tipping and dog fouling is a continuing problem in the ward which is one of the largest in the city

DD is chair of the Locality Committee covering 4 areas NW SW NE SE

DD is also chair of SWNP + SW Pentlands Consultation till Dec 2017 pos, March 2018 Locality model will hopefully be ready.

RB mentioned council officers doing this work are not councillors – what does this mean? Should it be a concern?

LIP   Local Improvement Plan redevelopment funding finances still to be decided Neighbourhood Partnership

Social Health Committee be more involved

15th August 2017 SWNP

AG mentioned the intention to have a Gorgie Dalry Festival  3rd September 2017

Big Hearts want to involve people who are isolated in the community

Gorgie City Farm Festival on 2nd September 2017

RB mentioned Sharing Secrets

NM will contact by email Distillers Festival

GA said McDonalds will have an electronic screen and will advertise events etc.



HMOs & TROs nil

Licence Chicken Shack late opening application decision delayed till 21st August.



SWNP walkabout areas to change DD will check this out.

Westfield Court Park paths have been done work continues

Community Park no info at present re cycle path

G in the Park CIRC details lessons learned for next year



see above



Michael McMullin introduced himself and outlined the work he hopes to do as Outreach worker for GDS church based in Gorgie Rd. His post is funded to help involvement with the young in the area, open to suggestions or help.

John Conway, minister at St Martins church, Dalry Rd is leaving after 16 yrs in the area to take up a new post as Provost of St Marys Cathederal in Palmerston Place. We wish him well.


DONM 4th September 2017 –  7pm, GDS Church, 190 Gorgie Rd.


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