GDCC Meeting Minutes, 5th June 2017


Chair welcomed everyone.  Apologised for the delay in approving the donation to G in the Park which was mentioned at May meeting but being non-quorate decision was delayed. Minutes amended, approval was given for £100 donation.


Rona Brown [  RB  GDCC ] 

Graeme Russsell [GR  GDCC]   

Adrian Herbert [AH GDS church]                         

Sharon Walker [SW GDCC] 

Arron Peters [AP GDCC] 

Angela Astor [ AA  GDCC]   

Eilidh Troup [ET GDCC] 

Jim Hogg [JH GDCC]

Martin Salkeld  [Local Resident ]

Nancy McDonald [NM Garvald ]

Sharon Robertson  [SR  Resident ETF member ]

Denis Dixon [DD  CEC]   

Ashley Graczyk [AG  CEC ]

Tricia Ki [TK  GDS church]


Sonia Squires [SS St Martins Church]   

Jim Parks [ JP  GDCC ]

Donald Wilson  [DW  CEC ]   

Cathy Fullerton [CF  CEC]   

G in the PARK

As Tricia had another meeting to attend it was agreed that she would speak first and give an update and more information about the G in the Park event to be held on the 10th June in Muirieston Park 11am – 3pm.

Most of the other churches in the area will be joining in, providing teas coffees, etc. Garvald will be selling cakes and  produce.  Other groups involved will be Big Hearts, Dunedin Canmore, Salveson Football club, Fountainbridge library and Fountainpark. There will be dance displays and games for young children to get involved in and story telling. Banners and leaflets have been put out. List of all events performers and supporters provided by Tricia.

This is a non religious event.

Fountainpark will fund the toilets.

GDCC will donate £100 towards a childrens’ entertainer. GDCC will also have a stall giving information on community councils.

Chair thanked TK for the update.


These minutes would not be approved at the May meeting as it was not quorate.

Approved by ET and SW.

Amend comments on Big Hearts reduced involvement in local projects letter received explaining their continued commitment to the projects they were involved in. GR spoke of the possible need for a wider involvement with other agencies to assist them.


Approved  AS and SW


Toilets for G in the Park – there is a possibility of using the Gorgie City Farm toilets.

Outlook is closing on 30th June. This was a group providing classes for adult learners with mental health issues.

Provision of litter bins.

Edinburgh local development plans.

Planning applications new guidelines in corresponding with the department re changes etc.


As of 16th April 2017  Balance  £1298.07

Approved AA and AS

ET to be refunded for updating old web site to new web site £25.   

Bills paid insurance and lets.

Balance at present £1042,93


Police – no one present.


Councillors now elected DD, CF. AG, DW.

DD explained that as councillors were newly elected they had not yet been given positions on the council working groups and committees

AG said she would like to  have events in the area and at present was working on having a charity fashion show for the ward.  It would be a cross party event hopefully be held about September.


HMO’s TRO’s nil at present.

Committee not set up yet, previous applications not dealt with – Chicken Shack late opening application was due to be discussed but this has been delayed till late July.


SWNP walkabout 15th August for Gorgie area meeting point to be arranged.

Funding panel decisions process seems to have changed with Mike Avery [Council Official] having the right to make decisions previously applications were discussed at a group with representatives from local CC’S in the area RB will try to get more information regarding this.


No update on Friends of Westfield Park. Planters have been donated.  The chair is unable to be as active at present due to family commitments.


G in the Park 10th June.

Friends of Saughton Park Garden Party, 11th June 12–5 pm.  Received £1.5 million from the Lottery.

Transport committee intend to have a meeting re canal to Roseburn Cycle path, no date yet, possibly St Brides as a venue. Decision has been deferred at present.

Trams still problems with cyclists getting tyres caught in the rails causing injuries .   Possible solutions – a change to the road layout or more proficiency tests for cyclists. Signage is in situ but problem continues.

Spokes are involved with negotiations.

NM mentioned Garvald menu on Friday and Saturday fundraising for Garvald Bakers Arms.

AP spoke about the cleanliness of the area and the bins and buckets. Thought if there was a clean up day painting railings, etc, this might encourage interest and community involvement.

RB considered who would be involved.  Could there be a sponsor for the paint? Adopt a street ideas welcome.

NM Keep Scotland Tidy may be interested.


SR local resident involved with Edinburgh Tenants Association would like to raise awareness and possibly carry out a survey in the area.   

Gorgie Residents Association for all owners and tenants.

Residents within the area can join these agencies receive help and support.

AP  Mentioned Edinburgh Residents Network as groups often duplicate organisation this causes some to be recognised others are not. They need to be promoted.

Local resident Martin Salkeld was put forward to be co opted onto GDCC. He has lived in Gorgie for 3 yrs previously a member of WHCC, this was accepted.

Apologies for next meeting Adrian Herbert, Eilidh Troup, Martin Salkeld.


Mon 7th August, 7pm,  GDS church, Gorgie Rd

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