GDCC Meeting Minutes 8th May 2017


Sonia Squires welcomed everyone and explained that Rona Brown [chair] was not able to attend the meeting therefore she would chair.  The meeting would not be quorate no decisions would be made but points could be raised for discussion at a later date.


Sonia Squires [SS St Martins church]

Jim Hogg [JH GDCC Treasurer]

Sharon Walker [SW GDCC]

Eilidh Troup [ET GDCCC]

Angela Astor [AA GDCC] Jim Parks [JP  GDCC]

Marie Stein  [MS for The Caledonian Village Owners]

Nancy McDonald [NM Garvald ]

Adrian Herbert [GDS churchs]

Barbie Lyon [Dalry Colonies Residents]


Rona Brown [RB GDCC Chair]

Arron Peters [AP  GDCC]

Graeme Russell [GR GDCC]

Laura Baird [LB  GDCC Friends of Westfield Court Park]

Cllr Donald Wilson [DW CEC]

Cllr Denis Dixon [DD CEC]



Approved  SW and ET [not quorate]



Walkabouts dates for Dalry are not available at present

Dates for Gorgie: 15th August and 13th February both 9.30am, meeting point to be arranged.

G in The Park 10th June 11am – 3pm Muirieston Park – stalls still available.

GDCC discussed at previous meeting giving a donation of £100 to G in the park towards paying for an entertainer.  A decision was to be made at this meeting, as we are not quorate GDCC members will be contacted for approval.



Payments made for  Public Liability Insurance   £165.14p

Church Let                           £90

Balance at present £1298.07

This will be approved at June meeting.


Police no one in attendance, but as we arranged this meeting a week later than usual, they had unfortunately attended the previous week. Apology was sent.

Ward Cllrs – no one present


HMO’s & TRO’s  – nil.

Licencing: Barbie Lyon raised the late opening application by Chicken Crew, 25 Dalry Rd who want to have a 2am late opening approved. Presently they close at 11 pm. This take away/sit in business is situated below residential properties. This would cause obvious noise and litter problems in the area where anti social behaviour has been problematic at times.  Objections have to be made to the licencing department by 16th May.  Petitions are not accepted. Personally written and signed letters of objections can be sent or scanned and emailed to the department


SWNP dates to follow.

G in the Park

Friends of Westfield Court Park hope to have an event, dates to be arranged.

Garvald leaflet: ‘The Pink Ladies’ fun event at Redhall Walled Garden 20th May


G in the Park: GDCC would hope to have a stall. Various stalls: entertainers, music etc involved. Leaflets now printed and application forms for stalls available.


JP mentioned he had not received minutes of the Gorgie Smiles meeting yet but would hope to get them in the near future.


5th June 2017 at 7pm,

Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse Church,

Gorgie Road.


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