Gorgie Dalry Community Council Meeting Minutes 6th Feb 2017


  • Rona Brown [RB Chair GDCC]
  • Graeme Russell [GR GDCC ]
  • Angela Astor [AA  GDCC]
  • Cathy Fullerton [CF    CEC ]
  • Denis Dixon [DD  CEC ]
  • Jim Hogg [JH  Treasurer]
  • Sonia Squires [SQ  St Martins Resource Centre]
  • Jim Park [JP  GDCC]
  • Aaron Peters [AP  GDCC]
  • Nancy McDonald [NM  Garvald]
  • Sharon Walker [SW  GDCC]
  • Laura Baird [LB GDCC Friends of Westfield Court Park]
  • Eilidh Troup [ET GDCC]

In Attendance :

  • Lianne Parry [LP   HMFC ]
  • Adrian Herbert [AH  GDS CHURCH]
  • Hearts


Donald Wilson [DW CEC]


Chair welcomed everyone and introductions were made. It was suggested and agreed that the before dealing with the formal meeting we would allow the representatives from HMFC would give their presentation to the members, and as Jim Park required to leave early, he would speak first.


JP raised the point of the difficulties caused by the poor communication from the CEC regarding the lack of sound equipment, staging, etc at the christmas lights switch on. Details of changes were supposed to have been sent to groups at the beginning of the year. GDCC did not receive this.  CF, DD and DW have all expressed their disappointment at the upset this had caused, although the members of the public who attended were very understanding and all seemed to enjoy the event. CF reassured that this had been addressed by councillors and it is not expected to happen again.  Chair RB said that after contacting the staff at CEC when, a short time before the event, it was reported there would be cut backs, she had been assured that all arrangements were in place.

An apology has since been received and we were informed that other groups had to cancel their events.  It has been stated that for any future changes information will be sent out well in advance.

Letter will be sent to CEC expressing our disappointment over the issue.

Members are aware that the lights used in previous years were now in need of repair as a result are not fit for use


LP explained that the gable end of the tenement in McLeod St had been discussed by the group involved in the development. it was hoped to have a mural put on this wall. Residents had been made aware and so far there had been no objections.  Funding would be required and ideas for the design would be welcome; hoping to show some of the history of the area as well as sourcing the workforce .

It is hoped this work will enhance the area and compliment the new stadium surroundings.  The preparations to the building for the mural are already included in the costings.  CF suggested applying to SWNP for a grant.  Contact with Southside for advice as they have a mural.

Stadium: work is continuing, steel girders are in the new stand, hopefully by September will be open for 7,200 spectators.  Summer games will all be away home games by July at the earliest .

Easter 2018 is target date to finish

NURSERY still in Dalry School – not ideal but moving to temp. accommodation has an Easter target date. Everyone involved is doing their best to cope. Expected final move xmas 2017.

Phase 1a     Gardens foundations ongoing drawings are all submitted

Phase 2       Hospitality area restaurant for functions weddings etc

Phase 3       Maroon mile Tynecastle to Haymarket

GDCC          Involvement – put plans on web site, request ideas from the public. Involve local schools. Set up a working  group . Discuss materials required. AP suggested an area with design done in tiles, look at designs and ideas that are submitted.

Community space within the stand it was originally thought this area could be for community use nurses, and other services useful to residents.

GR enquired about long term maintenance possibility of ~Friends of Club~   ~Friends of Mural~  ideas welcome.

The hope is the people enjoy the new look and using the facilities.

RB thanked the reps for their attendance and interesting update, also that the CC will put any info they send through on to our web site keeping locals residents informed of the progress,  If in any way we can assist to make contact.

CC meeting continues as agenda


Proposed 1st JP 2nd AP


Xmas lights see earlier notes

JP suggested inviting Paul Hutton CEC Environmental dept. should be invited to the Gorgie Smiles meeting in March 2017as there are environmental issues.


Balance as per December 2016, small cost to be reimbursed concerning xmas switch on dealt with immediately by JH.


No report or officers in attendance


DD mentioned the selections for the local elections are in progress at present Cathy Fullerton Denis Dixon and Alison Dickie are candidates.

CF Tynecastle nursery update building control warrant inspection to be arranged.

Council Budget on Thurs 9th February

John Cole report on PPI on 17 schools buildings copies of reports will be on line



Mike Avery sent out an email informing of meeting to be held at the WHEC 21st or 23rd February dates – most popular will be chosen. CF and DD will attend, a CC member will try to attend.

Scott Neill will be emailed.

Boundary reduction reduces the walkabouts


Nil of note


Friends of Westfield Court Park: nil to report at present. Plants\bulbs planted earlier showing; Craig Dunlop is very supportive; pathways to be improved; made more wheelchair friendly; surfaces safer; trees planted.  There are plans for more planting, bird boxes to be put up, etc.

Plans – summer event B in the Park 2, also fund raising events and applications for funding.


No dates


LB mentioned a child’s bike was stolen from a storage cupboard; unfortunately the door was closed but not locked. In that particular stair there is no intercom system so a lack of security for residents.  DD will look into the security issue.

NM said she was sure Garvald would have volunteers who would be willing to assist at Westfield Court Park.

ET mentioned that Muirieston Park railings are rusty. Craig Dunlop is already involved planting trees and other work there.


6th MARCH 2017 at 7pm,



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