Gorgie Dalry Community Council Meeting Minutes, 7th Dec 2016



Sonia Squires welcomed everyone, explaining that she would chair the meeting as Rona Brown [chair] was unable to attend.


Sonia Squires [SS] St Martins Church SMRC,

Nancy McDonald [NM] Garvald,

Arron Peters [AP] GDCC

Graeme Russell [GR] GDCC,

Sharon Walker [SW] GDCC,

James Park [JP] GDCC

Jim Hogg [JH] GDCC,

Angela Astor [AA] GDCC,

Adrian Herbert [AH] Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse Church GDCC ,

Paul Hutton [PH] CEC Environmental Dept,

PC Craig Morris [CM] Police,

Dale Greenan [DG] A-Star Sports


Rona Brown [RB] GDCC,

Denis Dixon [DD] CEC ,

Cathy Fullerton [CF] CEC,

Donald Wilson [DW] CEC,

Eilidh Troup [ET] GDCC


5th November 2016

Proposed JH, seconded AP


JP advised he had attended City Chambers on Saturday 3rd December 2016. The meeting was to advise on guidelines that CCs should to adhere to when making decisions or carrying out a variety of decisions etc.

Meet the funders; Thursday 8th December 2016 at the Gorgie Suite Tynecastle, organised to let community groups know where funding is available.

JP informed that Big Hearts AGM is Monday 12th DECEMBER 2pm Gorgie Suite Tynecastle.


Xmas lights – no problem so far: CEC contacted; police aware; publicity prepared; posters, etc.

Paul Hutton (CEC Environmental Dept) contacted and offered to attend CC. Introduced himself – his remit is dealing with environmental issues there have been changes within the council departments, now taking over a wider remit: cleansing dept has amalgamated, changes to recycling bins etc. SW area is considered the cleanest for the past 18 months.

Andy Williams is for Roads and environment. Mike Avery is locality manager.

Paul said to contact him with any queries, he will advise where possible and is also willing to attend meetings when requested. He knows the area quite well having been involved with walkabouts in the past.

GORGIE SMILES is targeting Orwell and Caladonian areas GR mentioned the condition of some of the gardens being an issue. Hearts are also involved, realising match days can add to the mess left in the area .

Waste\dumping of larger items or general rubbish is an ongoing problem. The

probable cause being transient population as it does increase at term times -landlords dumping when tenants move out. They can be held responsible.

Dunedin Canmore have held meetings. Bins not emptied. Pizza delivery cars blocking disabled access.


PC Paul Morris keen to be involved in Gorgie Smiles work


Payments due for lets £90 and to Rona towards Xmas light switch on


PC Morris handed out a very clear report giving details of crime and incidents in the area. PC Jamie Baillie is the other constable involved in the community. Senior officers for the area are: Chief Inspector Helen Harrison and Sgt Alex Dickson.

Incidents in the area are house breakings, advice can be sought on security. Balgreen Nursery was broken into.

Problem youths at Saughton Park are being monitored and dealt with asap. 50% of the crimes have been solved.

It was pointed out that transport carrying disabled people to St Brides are often unable to park or gain access to the street due to double parking mainly by delivery vehicles for the pizza shop. This will be addressed .

There is a survey YOUR VIEW COUNTS ON POLICE this can be googled.


No reports


No reports at present


No report till early 2017


Christmas lights switch 11th December at 6pm Gorgie City Farm

Shop Window – AA & JP dealing with this


Dale explained the work they do dealing mainly with children 2 – 10 yrs old running clubs and sports sessions at affordable prices. They have been involved with Police Scotland encouraging the children normally hanging around streets, etc. to join. As they become older 16 – 20 yrs old, they then become coaches and support the younger ones who have joined. Fees for users would be kept as low as possible, funding towards running will be sought from various sources. It was asked if GDCC would be able to help fund for the planned 2017 summer commencement. At present the group are based in North Merchiston Club.  Gorgie Mills Bowling club is one other supporter. They are also looking for halls or suitable venues to use for classes and sessions in this area.

Police Scotland school link officers are to be contacted. Referral systems may be used in some instances, low income families can be assisted through Social Work families funding.

GR suggested CC help fund or sponsor part of a programme or holiday club. Some lets are approx. £15 p hr.

Dale gave his email for future contact e.g., ideas, venue info.




6th FEBRUARY 2017




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