Gorgie Dalry Community Council Meeting on 1st August 2016


Rona Brown RB Chair [GDCC] Jim Hogg JH [Treasurer GDCC] Sonia Squires SS [SMRC]
Jim Park JP [GDCC] Arron Peters AP [GDCC] Angela Astsor AA [GDCC] Graeme Russell GR [GDCC]
Denis Dixon DD [CEC]
Martin Salkeld Local residsent


Graham Angus McDonalds Franchise Officer Derek Griffiths McDonalds Manager
Gerry and Zsuzsa Farrell Leith
Alan Gray Health All Round


Cathy Fullerton CEC Donald Wilson CEC Eric Milligan CEC Eilidh Troup GDCC LAURA Baird GDCC Nancy Mcdonald Garvald Catriona Windle Health All Round


Chair welcomed all and invited everyone to introduce themselves


Gerry Farrell and Lsuzsa spoke about their anti litter campaign in Leith. He has written in his Evening News column about it. Their slogan being LEITHERS DON’T LITTER. This group has been operating for one year
They have encouraged people to get involved with litter picks, adopting a street and various litter pick up days. The council have been very supportive supplying equipment bags etc and special pickups. Members have regular days in the week they check out their areas. They try to keep the issue in the public eye TV regular articles in local papers leafletting libraries local shops take-aways and have events highlighting the work the group do. A short film was shown that gives an idea of how the environment is affected by the litter problem. They said that once it is noticed that there is an interest in cleaning and keeping streets litter free others join in. LEITHERS DON’T LITTER has a web site and facebook page, use any means available to contact . Many items considered easily recycled are not what they seem not as degradable as people think e.g. paper cups . Littering has to be made socially unacceptable. Engaging the local community is the way forward.


This is a group supported by Health All Round, Big Hearts to help improve the local area also involving local schools, So far they have been working in the Community Park which is behind Lidl opposite Dalry School with litter pick ups  and tree cutting. A community clean up in the park involving locals interested members of the public and willing Hearts supporters is planned for 20th August. Craig Dunlop CEC parks dept. will supply equipment required and there will be a ranger available for advice and safety. JP liked the idea of adopt a street . Hearts hope to have volunteers available in the future, DD commented on litter being an ongoing problem and complimented on the good work being done .


Graham and Derek said they would help in any way they can involving the GORGIE SMILES project and with FRIENDS OF WESTFIELD PARK with litter pick up teams especially with the local park at Westfield where he would have am clean ups and recycling. Provide refreshments At the planned event in September and will put leaflets and any information he can up to make people aware of what is planned and happening in the future.
Rona suggested the need for a sub group to help
Craig Wilson Big Hearts will help
Promote the project meet with other groups ASAP
Involve McDonalds PR team n Scotland
GR mentioned all the parks in the area should be looked at and the project be for their benefit also
DD said G/D could motivate other areas to take the same sort of action


Approved SS and JH


All bills paid balance including funding received from CEC £1680.37


Multi use games letter from HAGS


No dates set at present will inform GA and DG of McDonalds as soon as they come through


No reps or reports


Just back from recess many staff changes. Issues dog fouling litter remain main ongoing problem.
Poor attendance at CCs is a problem all over. DD will check on the development and Tynecastle nursery
situation . Westfield court is still a large issue DD will attempt to assist wishes to be kept informed
DD is the Returning Officer for the CC elections 5th September date for returning forms RB will collect the
paperwork or get it online. Nominations 21 places in total 14 residents and 7 group reps. If there are too many
nominations [over 14] elections will take place as per council protocol


Nil, ongoing there is a question of student accommodation being planned somewhere in the Russell Rd area this will be monitored.


see councilor’s report


Acoustic Music Centre St Brides 8th August


Update on staffing at St.Brides Centre ; there will be a CLD Worker for 2 1\2 days per week also an
Admin worker 2 1\2 days as council employees they will only do work relating to council business. As a consequence the Advisory Group will be responsible for dealing with other centre staff , organising insurance health and safety for events, bookings, staff cover for events. This causes great difficulty and demands on the volunteers in the group as the centre previously has been managed by a Centre Manager.



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