Gorgie Dalry Community Council Meeting Minutes Monday 6th June 2016


Attendance and Apologies

PRESENT: Rona Brown (RB), Chair GDCC; Angela Astor (AA) GDCC; Jim Hogg(JH), Treasurer; Denis Dixon (DD), CEC; James Park (JP) GDCC; Andy Duffy (AD), Friends of Westfield Park; Suzon Stein (SS) for Caladonian Village; David Jarman, local resident; Eilidh Troup (ET) GDCC; Arron Peters (AP) GDCC; Sharon Walker (SW) GDCC; Sonia Squires (SS) SMRC, GDCC; Laura Baird (LB) GDCC; David McLennan (DM) GDS Church; Katie Hunter, Rachael Fleming and Emily Ballard Nairn, Tynecastle Nursery Working group; + 1 other, refused to sign.

APOLOGIES: Donald Wilson (CEC)

CHAIR invited the group from Tynecastle nursery to talk about the developments from the working groups discussions over the nursery rebuilding especially the reduction in outside play area.
The group meet with Cllrs, HMFC Developers, architects and parents.

The nursery will be demolished, the space where the old Adult training Centre was will bring heightened and extended out this will reduce outside area from 800 square m to 493 square m these figures were only made given out in the past week.
Although inside will be slightly larger the nursery intake increases due to 2yr olds now attending. This in itself requires additional space.
Because of the height increase and allocated outdoor area the pm group of children will not benefit from any sunlight reaching this area.
Reduced outdoor space
The veranda that is part of the present build and was highlighted in the 1st class HMI report will not be as suitable and a decision on the actual type has still to be decided and agreed on
This is a great loss and nothing to maintain the present provision has been offered.
The Head Teacher cannot provide the same service with less available space or tools.
Beth who is one of the working group have requested the Commission look at the available light. There are also only windows on two sides so coupled with less of a veranda no sunlight in the outdoor area for pm children more discussion required. Parents working group are meeting again.
Public consultation ends on 10th June.
Group advised to write to all Cllrs. Also to Scott Gardiner
CC will write to planning as can any concerned member of the public.
CHAIR thanked the group for the information and their attendance.

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes from meeting on 9th May 2016: Approved by Sharon Walker, Seconded by Jim Park


Police no attendance no report submitted
Cllr Denis Dixon mainly planning issues
Updated on HMFC and Tynecastle Nursery ongoing as previously discussed.
Roseburn cycle path as St Brides is not available for a planned meeting a change of date is to be arranged. Teller subway no plans for closure awaiting Information and consultation
Gorgie City Farm excellent public response to appeal CC as discussed in May intend to donate £400 when bank signatures are amended.


As above13th June a meeting in St Aiden’s church to discuss Community watershed Andy Duffy interested will forward details

HMOs/ TROs: Nil Licensing: Nil


With Paul Hutton and Russell Simpson from CEC. There is improvement but requires constant monitoring. Rona got contacts for applying for plants etc plus informed that any member of the public can request equipment to help with clean ups from SWP.
The department is now changing to Central

Parks possible amalgamation of group for parks including Westfield Park £40k has been made available to improve them over the next few yrs. A meeting on 9th June to discuss this


Sharing secrets Gorgie Dalry with Dalry School will be launched on 13th June
Ripple Arts sharing secrets
Showing of film Magic Umbrella on 17th June St Brides film made 20yrs ago with children from Dalry school and local residents.
Churches pos. Interested in using Muirieston Park for events
17- 22nd July Tents in the Park in Saughton Park

RB asked if there were any ideas about speakers for future meetings to contact her or say at future meetings e.g. Ann Budge, HMFC.
Portobello CC awarded for their outreach work in the area


JP mention ongoing problem with fly tipping litter and dog fouling initiatives
Leith Magazine an E\N mentioned Glasgow’s task forces for black spots. They respond and community locate through social media.
21 awards there are 4 Task Force cycles. unemployed train as envioronmental Taskforce officers (ETO: Costs are neutral inspired by social media”Leithers don’t Litter f\b scheme adopt a street etc JP will meet DW work is done through SWNP
Invitations to Jerry F (JP) also to Ann Budge (RB)


4th July 7pm Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse Church Gorgie Rd 1st August 7pm venue as above





City of Edinburgh Council


Gorgie Dalry Community Council


South West Neighbourhood Partnership


House in Multiple Occupancy


Temporary Traffic Regulation Order


Any Other Competent Business


St Martin’s Resource Centre


Friends of Westfield Court Park

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